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How do Skype lessons work?

Skype is an amazing piece of software which means that we can communicate for free using video and audio over the Internet. This means that at a prearranged time we can have a lesson together.

Lessons last for 30 minutes and I will send you all materials that we work on in PDF format as well as any backing tracks etc we work with.

See my availability in your time zone

Working out a slot we are both available across different time zones is normally difficult. However, my booking system shows you my availability in your time zone. This makes booking a time that is convenient for you super easy!

What is good about it?

You can get instant feedback from me when you play the harmonica. This means you know whether or not you’re doing something right.

If you have any questions you can just ask me and I can answer you straightaway with musical examples.

We are all in different time zones but we can find a time that is convenient for all of us. I tend to teach local face-to-face lessons in the evenings here and internationally over Skype in the mornings. I currently teach students in England, Belgium, Spain, Germany, USA, Sweden and Australia.

You have the comfort of being at home during a music lesson which is great because it can be quite intimidating coming to a music studio for the first time but if you’re in your own home you are already comfortable!

What is bad about it?

There are some elements of a music lesson which are hard to recreate over Skype. Normally, I would play simultaneously with my students so that we can practice grooving together. However, there is an incredibly small delay over Skype which means that this doesn’t really work. However, I have found that it is perfectly possible to work around this by alternating between us when we’re playing. It leads to a more focused listening experience which is actually quite beneficial.

The sound quality isn’t always perfect but this can be remedied by making sure that we both have good quality audio equipment.


Don’t Take My Word For It

"From half a world away, Tomlin’s Skype lessons help you set goals, set up a lesson plan, and gently hold you accountable for spending the practice time needed to meet your goals. In short, Tomlin will make you a better harp player."

Jeff Meyer


"I have been a harmonica student of Tomlin's for about a year and a half now and have seen significant progress in my playing ability. Tomlin is a very experienced musician and brings a huge amount of enthusiasm to his classes. His love of music is obvious, and indeed infectious, and he somehow manages to combine a relaxed, even laid back, style of teaching with objectives which are always challenging. I would thoroughly recommend Tomlin if you want to make progress with your harmonica whilst also having fun!"

Steve Jack

Edinburgh, Scotland

"As you know I am not so good to speak and write English. But I think you are good teacher (listen and have patience, explain so I can understand. You work very good."

Hakan Borglin


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Tomlin Leckie